Never worry about your kids at summer camp.

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GPS trackers are becoming more prevalent in today’s increasingly technologically advanced world. You may know about trackers from their use in today’s phones, laptops, and even watches. However, you might not think about the various ways you can use your GPS trackers in daily life. At Tracking the World, we can show you all you need to know about the primary uses of tracking devices.  We can also show you many creative ways to use your GPS tracker this summer. 

Tracking Your Kids At Summer Camp 

During the summer, many families send their kids away to summer camps. Even trips to a friend’s houses, and other activities to keep them occupied in the sunshine, can  be worrisome.  This can be hard for a parent, especially if your child is still young enough to require constant adult supervision. Plus, summer camps can take place in wooded areas where dangerous wildlife might be present. You never want to worry about your child’s safety while at camp, and now you don’t have to.

With GPS tracking technology and help from Tracking the World, you can always know the location of your children, even from afar. Collect tracking data on your laptop and rest assured that your kids are safe even when they are away at summer camp. Now that is state-of-the-art parenting. 

Keep an Eye on Your Furry Friends

Summer is also an excellent time to let your pets out to roam free and get some fresh air after being inside for the colder months. Our pets are like family to us, and nobody wants to worry about having their furry friends wander off too far or get lost in potentially hazardous areas. Around 1 in 3 pets is lost within their lifetime, prone to wandering off or getting easily distracted by outdoor stimuli.

Furthermore, this experience can be stressful for both you and your pet. With GPS tracking technology, you can track your pet’s location at all times. These technologies can keep tracing your pet’s location even if they escape their leash and get distracted by chasing a squirrel. They can easily be installed to avoid rubbing against a pet’s collar or fur so as not to irritate the animal.

Track your furry friends with GPS tracking tools.

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Track Your Summer Activity

You can also use GPS tracking tools to log your summer activity. Many people make a summer pledge to be more active, enjoy nature, explore new areas in their community, and get ready for summer beach season. Whatever your personal goals may be, tracking technology can be a valuable resource for you. You can implement these GPS tracking tools to help you log your steps, locations visited, cardiovascular activity, and time spent exploring the great outdoors.

Plus, if you plan to go camping or hiking in new areas, GPS tracking is critical. It can help if you get disoriented or lost. Never fear exploring new places and trying new things with the security of GPS tracking tools in your pocket. This also makes it easier to note where you have visited for future reference and share this information with others who might share the same interests. 

Check In on Elderly Family Members

Many families have elderly relatives who live independently, are far from home, or might need extra attention. Nobody wants to limit their mobility or activity. They are at a stage in their life where any outdoor activity they can manage is savored. However, no one wants to deal with the constant worry that their family members could be in danger of losing their way. Furthermore, there is the concern of  a loved one falling and being unable to get up and return safely to their homes.

With the advancement of GPS tracking technologies, you don’t have to feel guilty for not being there with them.  You never have to worry about them getting hurt, either. GPS tracking devices make it easier than ever to keep a watchful eye on your elderly loved ones. No matter where they go, you can  watch from afar. It is easy to send help if they get lost. 

GPS Tracking Technology with Tracking the World

We know the warmer summer months are a busy time for you, your family, and your furry friends. Summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine, be active, explore new areas, go on adventures, and have fun. However, you  should also do all of those things with peace of mind. A multi-purpose GPS tracker from Tracking the World can give you that peace. We offer many options customizable to your needs. This will allow you to track bicycles, sports activity, use for personal and family usage, and even keep an eye on pets! With water resistance and durable trackers, you can rely on us to keep you covered this summer. 

Contact Us for More Information on GPS Trackers

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GPS geocaching is a fun activity for people of all ages! A GPS tracker from Tracking the World can keep you safe while you are out on geocaching adventures.

Do you remember how fun treasure-hunting was as a kid? Adults can treasure-hunt too by participating in geocaching. Geocaching is a global treasure hunt where participants use a GPS navigational system to find clues. Geocachers get the coordinates of the cache, and that’s when the search begins. Each cache is in a waterproof container and includes a log where people can list their name once they find it. Sometimes the cache will contain a fun item, like a keychain. The caches can be hidden, but they are not buried. There are millions of caches hidden around the world. Geocaching is a hobby that anyone can take part in. It’s a great activity to do in your hometown, with the family on vacation, or as a fun date idea! Learn more about GPS geocaching and how you can get started.

Geocaching: Everything You Need to Know

According to, there are over 2 million caches hidden around the world. There are a few things you need to get before starting your geocaching adventure:

  1. Geocaching® app
  2. GPS navigational system (GPS on your phone works!)
  3. GPS tracking device

The Geocaching® app will provide you with information about nearby geocaches. Next, use the app or the GPS on your phone to track down the cache. The app also has offline maps, which is very convenient since a lot of the time, a cache will be hidden in an area without internet or cell service. Once you find the cache, record your name in the logbook and log online. With the app, you can log the find and describe your experience finding it for other geocachers to read. If you take a trinket from inside the cache, be sure to replace it with something similar. No valuable items or food allowed! mentions a list of geocaching etiquette rules. For example, don’t go onto private property, don’t disrupt wildlife, pick up trash, and record any “did not find” (DNF) logs, as those are helpful to future geocachers.

GPS Navigational System vs. GPS Tracker

As mentioned above, it’s helpful to bring along a GPS navigational system as well as a GPS tracker. It’s obvious why you need a GPS navigational system to find a cache, but what is a GPS tracker, and why should you invest in one for your geocaching adventures?

A GPS tracker won’t help you find a cache, but it will help your family members or friends easily track you down in case of an emergency. Sometimes caches are located in remote areas. The surrounding terrain might be challenging, and there’s a chance no other people could be around. Thus, carrying a GPS tracker with you on your geocaching adventure allows your loved ones to find your location at any time. It also gives them “person down” alerts, so they know if you have fallen and are potentially injured.

Personal GPS Tracker

A personal GPS tracker is easy to carry whether you are walking on city streets or traversing through a forest. The Enduro Plus 4G is the perfect GPS tracker to take with you on your geocaching trips. It’s lightweight and easy to use. It has an ergonomically designed button that allows users to signal a rapid emergency alert if necessary. Additionally, the battery life is long, making it the perfect device for longer excursions. With 5 minutes of reporting, the battery can last 140 hours. Without reporting, the battery can last 400 hours.

Another great benefit of this device is the geofencing capabilities. Geofences are digital boundaries set by GPS tracker users around a particular area. If the user crosses over these boundaries, loved ones back home are notified. Geofencing is a great feature to use if you are geocaching in a remote place where you could easily get lost. Loved ones back at home can use real-time or periodic tracking via a back-end server to check on your location.

Vehicle GPS Tracker

A vehicle GPS tracker is another excellent device for a geocacher to use. Simply put the device in your vehicle, and you never have to worry about losing your car. Finding your car after a long day of geocaching is easier said than done, especially if you are somewhere new. At the end of the day, if you are having trouble finding your car, track the location via the back end of the GPS tracker. The GPS vehicle tracker can operate at both very low and very high temperatures (between -30 degrees C and +80 degrees C), so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your car all the time. A GPS tracker is a great thing to have on your vehicle in general, as it is extremely helpful if your car is ever stolen.

GPS Geocaching

Geocaching is so much fun! It’s an activity you can do all year long, and it’s perfect for people of all ages. Everything you need to know about geocaching can be found at This website tells you how to get started, how to find caches near you, and what to do once you have found one. If you are looking for a new hobby or a way to get out of the house and be more active, geocaching is the answer. Once you have downloaded the app, grab your phone and head out there! The GPS navigational system on your phone can help lead you to the location of a cache.

In addition, bring a GPS tracking device with you. This device allows your loved ones back at home to keep track of your location. It gives them peace of mind that you are safe and sound, even if you are exploring in a remote forest or traversing a steep mountain. For more information about GPS geocaching and GPS tracking devices, contact Tracking the World today.

Tracking the World provides GPS business devices designed to track your assets, vehicles, and employees. Check out our wide variety of devices!

Do you own a business with a lot of employees, vehicles, and assets? If you answered yes, it’s time to start thinking about investing in GPS business trackers. GPS trackers are very different than the GPS devices found in cars and phones. Those GPS devices give you directions and help you get from place to place. A GPS tracker, on the other hand, helps you keep track of things like trucks, pallets, containers, etc. You can check the real-time location of different business assets to make sure they are safe, secure, and on-track. A GPS tracker is a great way to monitor efficiency and improve logistics. It can also help keep remote employees safe. Get creative in finding ways to use GPS tracking devices within your business. You will be surprised at the quick return on investment you will see from these trackers.

Tracking Vehicles

A vehicle GPS tracking device can be beneficial in many ways. If you have a fleet of trucks, cars, or vans, installing one of these devices in each one is essential. First, you can pinpoint the location of each vehicle at any time. This can help you better forecast delivery dates and arrival times. It can also help you see inefficiencies in routes. For example, maybe you notice one vehicle tends to spend a lot of time on one highway in a specific area. This data can help you reroute your vehicles so that your drivers spend more time driving and less time in traffic. These devices can also help you monitor your fleet drivers. A GPS tracker can notify users about driver behavior. The device can monitor behaviors, such as harsh braking and accelerating, that could indicate aggressive driving. The device can also provide incident reports. If a vehicle in your fleet gets into an accident, you will be able to learn more about the incident through the tracker, since it has accident reconstruction and analysis capabilities.

A vehicle tracker can be used in many lines of business. For example, farmers can use it to keep tabs on their tractors and other farm machinery. Another example would be a rental car company keeping track of each car to prevent theft.

GPS Business Tracker for Tracking Assets

If your business transports assets, it’s essential that you use GPS trackers. A GPS tracker will help improve your supply chain by allowing users to track containers, pallets, crates, inventories, etc. For example, imagine that you transport containers of fruit from farms. Place a GPS tracking device on each container. Once you do that, you can track the exact location of these containers at any point in their transport journey. From the farm to the truck to the grocery store, the containers will always be accounted for. When a customer/client calls asking for an update on where inventory is, you can easily check and provide them with a quick, accurate answer.

Worried about the devices getting ruined during transport? Have no fear! The AVL-600W GPS tracker is ruggedized and waterproof, meaning it can handle harsh, heavy trucking environments. It is even protected from fuel oils and other hazardous chemicals. Also, these devices use low power consumption. The tracker has a 90-day long standby time with internal batteries.

Employee Safety

Last but not least, investing in personal GPS trackers for remote employees can help them feel safe. Monitor their exact position to ensure safety at remote locations. This is perfect for employees who work night shifts alone at the warehouse or lone security guards. They are also great for truck drivers who spend the majority of their days alone on the road. The personal GPS trackers allow the user to call for help in case of an emergency. They also have person-down alerts, which are helpful if you have an employee working in a dangerous, treacherous environment. All of these features are made to keep your employees safe. You can also set geofence boundaries, which are digital boundaries. If the employee crosses a boundary, you will be alerted. Geofencing is yet another feature that can help you make sure employees are safe and sound exactly where they should be.

Benefits of GPS Business Trackers

As a business, you make a lot of investments to further improve your services and to become more profitable. Purchasing GPS trackers for your vehicles, assets, and employees is one investment will pay off. A GPS business tracker is beneficial for many reasons. First, it can help you keep your employees safe. Next, it can help you track your vehicles and inventory, which can lead to better supply chain management and logistic strategies. Finally, it takes the guesswork out of the transport process. No longer are you left wondering where your containers are or how far away your truck is from its destination. With a GPS tracker, you can instantaneously get the answer to all these questions. GPS tracking devices will give you and your fellow employees peace of mind.

At Tracking the World, we make a variety of different GPS business tracking devices for all types of situations. Our devices are easy to set up, durable, and have long-lasting batteries. We have specific devices for tracking assets, vehicles, and people. For more information about our devices and which ones would work best for your business, contact Tracking the World today. We look forward to partnering with you to help your business be the best it can be!

GPS and personal items go together better than you might think. Consider how busy our lives are without worrying about missing personal items. On a daily basis, every person carries any number of things with them. As a result, it can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a serious misadventure if items are lost. How can adding GPS trackers to these personal items can keep them and you safe?

Losing Personal Items is Extremely Common

First, it’s important to understand one fact of life: losing items is incredibly common. In fact, according to PR Newsline, American citizens will spend approximately 2.5 days looking for missing items annually. As a result, our nation will spend almost $2.7 billion to replace commonly misplaced items each year. Many lost items will likely lead to greater frustration. Among the most frequently lost items are the usual suspects: car keys, house keys, remote controls, and eyeglasses/sunglasses. In order to minimize the loss of these common items, adding GPS tags can allow owners to easily track them.

Adding GPS to Personal Items Will Save Time

Similarly, using GPS tracking with your existing personal items can prevent wasted time. Think back to the last time that you lost something in the house. How long did you spend looking for it? Many people will spend up to 20 minutes looking for a missing item. Added up, this can cut into productive time and make searchers late for work or other life events. By adding GPS tracking to personal items, users can integrate those trackers with a system that assists in recovering items. Why waste time looking for something that you can find in a matter of seconds?

GPS Trackers and Missing Persons

While it’s not a scenario that anyone wants to consider, the use of GPS tracking in personal items could aid in situations where the unthinkable has happened. Whether someone has simply wandered off on a hiking trail or they have disappeared through different means, having GPS trackers available can assist family, friends, and law enforcement in the recovery process. When you consider all the elements that we’ve discussed thus far, maintaining property and the overall safety of the people that own those items is an incredible reason to invest in GPS trackers.

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GPS in Personal Items Can Assist With Contact Tracing

With the ongoing Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of your family has never been more important. Adding GPS tracking to your personal items can help health and wellness professionals understand how the virus spreads. “Contact tracing” makes this process possible. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), contact tracing is done both covertly and actively, depending on the situation involved.

In covert contact tracing, participants who opt-in to the process can share their cellular GPS data with state and local health departments. Mobile applications can be downloaded for free and run in the background. When the apps locate a potential exposure within a user’s circle, a push notification, a text message, or a phone call may notify the user. These applications use ongoing GPS data to determine risk factors. In active contact tracing, citizens who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by the health department to gather the same data. Active data is cross-checked to determine the risk factors for the spread of different strains of the Coronavirus.

Tracking the World: Making Personal Items Safer Than Ever

Now that we’ve looked at a few ways that adding GPS tracking to personal items can enhance safety, it’s time to consider how you can enhance your security protocols. When you partner with Tracking the World, we will work together to develop a customized security plan for your most prized possessions and people. As our world continues to change in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and what comes next, we’ll be there to help. Don’t get caught with lost or missing personal items – contact us right away to learn more!

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Your pets become part of the family. You put so much time and effort into raising them, not to mention love. So, like any other family member, you would go above and beyond to protect them. Having a GPS tracking device to monitor them is important. Let’s look at a few reasons your pet should have one.

What Is A GPS Tracking Device?

Before you decide whether a GPS tracker is the right thing for your pet, you need to know what it is. When you use GPS tracking systems for your pets, you are given an easy way to find their location. For example, if they run away, a GPS tracker means you would know exactly where they are. This is done through a satellite or cell that picks up the signal submitted through the tracker you put on your pet’s collar.

Your Pet Gets Lost A Lot!

If you have a pet that you have to run around town looking for, a GPS online tracking device will be a good investment for you. These devices can pinpoint exactly where your pet is so you can easily find them to take them home. You’ll know where they are all the time.

Cats are the kind of pets that like to run off. Most of the time, they do come back home. However, if they are wearing a GPS, you will know where they are at all times.


Another way pets can get lost is during travel. When you are in an unfamiliar place that your pets are not accustomed to, they can start to get antsy. In all the excitement and anxiety, their instinct may be to run. What a GPS tracking device does is put a safety guard up for them so if they do end up getting away, you can track them down quickly.

Because Dogs Run After Things

In particular, dogs are animals that enjoy chasing after things. So, in the event they see a squirrel or something else, their hunting instinct may take over and they will run after their ‘prey’ like they would in the wild. Dogs are fast, and running a mile or two isn’t hard for them. A GPS tracker puts the need for hours of search efforts to rest.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

You Don’t Have To Implant Anything

There are alternatives to a GPS tracking device. One of them is inserting a microchip. This requires a surgical procedure to have the chip implanted into your pet. Not only is it somewhat expensive, but it also might not be the safest way to track your pet’s movements. There is a risk of a tumor developing around the soft tissue where the chip is implanted. Plus, like any surgery, there is the risk of infection.

Your pet wears the GPS device around its neck attached to a collar.  This is a safer way to know where your pets are.

Prevent Dog Theft With A Tracking Device

It is unfortunate, but the truth is some people would steal a dog that’s alone. Without a GPS, your dog’s location is left to your search attempts, leaving you with no way to tell where your dog was taken. Relying on your neighbors to recount everything they saw is one way, but what kind, if any, information would they give that would help find your dog? Bypass all of that by simply getting GPS tracking system set up for your dog.

Things Happen With Children

Here is an easy reason to get a GPS tracker for your pet: children. So many things can happen with children around. Having pets only adds to this scenario. Children don’t always understand what a job it is to take care of a pet. Leaving doors open to potentially let your pets escape can happen. It’s just easier to get a GPS tracker for those “just in case” moments that children have.

Tracking Your Pet’s Health

One of the best benefits of a GPS tracking system is the ability it has regarding your pet’s health. Dogs and cats cannot speak to you and tell you when things are wrong with them. It is up to you to decipher whether or not they need something or if they are not feeling well. Some GPS collars can monitor your pet’s vitals, which gives you a clue into what is going on with their health. They will even send updates when something doesn’t seem normal, such as a low heart rate or blood pressure spike.

Your pet is a member of the family. Keeping them safe is key and being able to track them using a GPS tracking system is a smart way to do this. There is no high-cost surgery, and you can make sure your pet stays in the best of health with the updates you’ll receive. Consider the benefits of a GPS tracker from Tracking the World and get peace of mind in knowing where your pet is all the time with a simple addition to their collar.

Investing in a GPS tracker for vehicles, assets, and employees can help a business to be more efficient, logistically proficient, and secure.

If you own a business with many moving parts, it’s a great idea to invest in a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can help business owners track and manage their vehicle fleet, assets, and employees. Trackers help improve logistics, supply chain management, employee safety, asset security, and more! If you are interested in improving processes and security at your business, check out how a GPS tracker can help.

Vehicle Tracking

Many companies own a fleet of vehicles that they use in their daily business operations. For example, a transporting company typically has a large fleet of trucks. A maintenance/repair company has vehicles they drive to various homes and businesses. A taxicab company has a fleet of cars used to pick up and drop off customers. The goal of any business is to be as efficient as possible. Management often spends hours trying to figure out the best routes for their vehicles to take in order to save the most time. For example, did you know that UPS trucks rarely make left turns? By avoiding left-hand turns, the company saves millions of gallons of gas each year and reduces emissions equivalent to over 20,000 cars!

While eliminating left turns might not be in your business plan, tracking when and where your fleet is driving can magnify certain inefficient transportation areas. Invest in a GPS tracker for each vehicle in your fleet. Spend time tracking their daily movements and use that data to create better routes and practices.

Reckless Driving?

In addition to logistics, a vehicle tracker can also give an employer essential data about how their employees are driving. Have you ever seen a truck drive by with the words “Call this number to report reckless driving”? With a GPS tracker, there is no need for that! The tracker can provide information about speed and aggressive driving. You will know if your employee isn’t driving safely. Just knowing the vehicle is equipped with a tracking device will make your employees focus on safe driving practices. The vehicle GPS tracking devices also have a crash detection alert, which collects data during a car accident for later reconstruction and analysis.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are at Any Moment

Finally, a GPS tracker allows companies to keep track of all their vehicles to ensure that they are safe and sound. While we hope this never happens, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for vehicle theft. If you have a tracker on the vehicle and it gets stolen, the police will be able to get a live location of where the vehicle is located to get it back and catch the thief.

Asset Tracking

In addition to keeping track of your vehicles, you likely have assets that you want to track as well. Examples of trackable assets include containers, pallets, crates, machinery, inventories, and more. With so many assets, it can be nearly impossible to know if something gets stolen. By investing in GPS trackers, you will be able to track down your assets if, in fact, they are stolen. Some companies rent out things like machinery or equipment. A GPS tracker allows you to know where your equipment is.

Another benefit of asset tracking is that you can see where your assets are at any given time. If you are trying to track one container without a tracker, it could be a challenge. With a GPS tracker, you can see exactly where the container is located, whether it is in your warehouse storage facility or in transit on a truck.

Tracking assets can also help companies manage supply chain logistics by looking at idle time data. Through GPS tracker data, companies can analyze how their inventory moves and where processes can become more efficient.

Employee Tracking

Last but not least, personal GPS tracking devices help track employees. Many companies use trackers to increase employee safety. Do you have employees, such as security guards or network monitors, who work the night shift alone? A GPS tracker is perfect for helping to keep these lone workers safe. At any time, the employer can check on the location of the employee. In addition, if the employee feels unsafe, they can press a speed dial emergency call button.

A GPS tracking device is also helpful if any of your employees do high-risk work. Through the person-down alert feature, employees will know if an employee is hurt on the job.

GPS Tracker Features

At Tracking the World, our GPS trackers are durable so that they can handle any sort of situation. Features such as long battery life and the ability to operate at both low and high temperatures are extremely helpful. Various alerts, such as the person down alert or the crash detection alert, can help notify companies if there is an unsafe situation. Also, all of our devices are as lightweight and compact as possible, meaning they won’t get in the way.

If your company invests in GPS trackers, you are sure to see a return on your investment. The trackers can be used in many different facets of a business. From your fleet of vehicles to your assets and employees, a GPS tracking device helps ensure productivity, logistical efficiency, safety, and security. For more information about GPS tracking devices and how they can help your business, contact Tracking the World today.

GPS tracking

Over the last few decades, technology has made it easier to keep track of valuable people and property. GPS tracking provides plenty of opportunities for business owners to maintain an ongoing awareness of many aspects of the organization. With the rise of competition in transportation markets, the demand for GPS tracking devices has increased as well. Here are some things a beginner should know about GPS tracking for business in 2021.

What is GPS Tracking?

Businesses can use a global positioning system (GPS) tracking option to locate any equipped item anywhere in the world. Many businesses will use this technology to keep track of company property like vehicles and costly equipment. Managers can also use GPS to keep track of employees while on the clock. 

The great thing about GPS tracking systems is that you can use them just about anywhere. Imagine the benefits of using GPS to keep active oversight of people, property, and productivity from anywhere. Many GPS management suites provide the ability for leaders to actively track points of interests from the comfort of home after hours. This can also add peace of mind with respect to managing emergencies like accidents, injuries, or theft.

How Can GPS Manage Your Fleet of Vehicles, People, and Property?

A network of satellites actively monitors their movements. While the type of GPS tracking devices involved will function slightly differently, this network of space-based satellites provides accurate location information. Our primary focus is on three types of GPS trackers: vehicle-based, asset-based, and personal-based devices. Here’s a closer look at each of these types.

Vehicle-Based Trackers

The first type of GPS tracking device to consider adding to your current safety protocol is the vehicle tracker. While many newer vehicles come equipped with standard-issue tracking devices, adding advanced options can certainly assist in slightly different ways. For example, parents can use GPS tracking to monitor the driving patterns of new drivers and reinforce best practices for safety. From a fleet management perspective, business owners can use vehicle-based tracking devices to monitor driving patterns and location information to ensure employee safety and compliance.

Asset-Based Trackers

The second type of GPS tracking device to think about using is the asset-based tracker. This is similar to the vehicle tracker mentioned above, but involves the tracking of valuable tools and other equipment. This can be especially helpful when managing a large team of employees and equipment. Attaching a GPS tracker to an expensive item can verify that the item is only used at approved sites. It helps prevent these items from being stolen. Additionally, organizations can use asset-based tracking devices to keep up-to-the-minute records of who checked out the item last–thereby adding accountability for company property.

Personal Trackers

The third type of GPS tracking device to consider adding to your current plan is the personal tracker. Personal GPS trackers are portable. In many cases, you can integrate them with existing cellular phone technologies. While the main focus of this article is on business use, there is no discounting the value of using GPS technologies for tracking children, teenagers, and the elderly. Having a way to check their locations at a moment’s notice can provide reassurance to caregivers in any situation. Most personal GPS devices have an emergency button that can summon help or draw attention in the event of an urgent problem.

How GPS Tracking Enhances Employee Satisfaction

There is more to be considered concerning the relationship between employees and leadership. All members of the organization can share information about statistics. Managers can view metrics on a higher level and use them to determine how to improve performance for individuals and the entire group. Additionally, employees can use digital tracking logs in place of paper logs. As a result, this reduces menial mileage and other pay reports.

How GPS Tracking Enhances Customer Experience

From the customer perspective, real-time order tracking allows purchasers to know when and where to expect their deliveries. Providing high-quality inventory management helps to enhance customer satisfaction and to increase repeat business. Satisfied customers will always sing your praises to others.

GPS Tracking in 2021: Continuing to Navigate COVID-19

As the Novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, pandemic continues to impact our world, adding GPS tracking technology to existing protection plans. Using GPS tracking systems can provide a wealth of information for users, business owners, and healthcare professionals to use for research purposes. This is due to the advanced technologies provided by COVID-19 tracking applications. Smartphone users can automatically track locations and receive push notifications to inform them of possible exposures to the virus.

Tracking the World: GPS Tracking For Beginners Made Easy

Now that you’ve seen some reasons to begin your GPS tracking protocol, there’s no better time to partner with us. At Tracking the World, our team of experts can customize a plan for the unique needs of your business. Don’t risk the safety, security, and success of your organization. We’re here to help–contact us right away!

gps tracking device

A GPS tracking device has a million uses that go beyond telling a traveler which direction to go on a trip.  Business owners have gained new incentives for adapting to advanced GPS technology. Up-to-the-moment asset tracking can keep tight control over business operations. Here are four different assets that can be protected by adding a GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracking Devices and Vehicles

If your business uses vehicles to make money, installing GPS devices in each vehicle will allow management to keep a constant eye on the vehicles at all times. Using these devices can protect valuable equipment from theft, loss, or other types of damage. GPS tracking information can help the police recover a stolen vehicle. Key stakeholders in your organization can also utilize GPS data to provide ongoing training, development, and coaching for other employees.

This is possible when you enable a GPS tracking device at all times. New employees can learn more about their job and improve their overall performance through carefully monitored performance. This is not to say that employers should micromanage, but being efficient can be a huge time- and money-saving process for the entire organization. Using driving efficiency as a KPI (or key performance indicator) allows the entire team of drivers to operate with confidence and professionalism at all times.

GPS Tracking Devices and Technology

Similar to vehicles that can deliver products, GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on smaller inventory and work supplies. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and tools are at risk of walking away when there’s no clear way to track their movements. Installing GPS tracking applications and other covert tools can help maintain accountability for these expensive mobile items.

Electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be replaced, but the loss of sensitive information cannot be. Depending on the level of such a loss, there can be a lot of negative press. Many organizations, both large and small, have experienced data loss or theft that resulted in a loss of customer confidence. GPS technology protects sensitive information simply by tracking the location of equipment. Some IT organizations can secure these devices and even clear their hard drives remotely if the item cannot be found in time.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Devices and Health Monitoring

When it comes to important assets, there is no more unique asset than the human beings doing the work. GPS tracking devices can keep an invisible eye on your employees. This has never been as important as it has become in the face of COVID-19. Over the last year, COVID-19 has put some incredible challenges on our world. Due to the difficult nature of tracking and controlling the pandemic, using a GPS-enabled phone can allow employees and managers to proactively track health and wellness. 

Many compatible applications exist, including some that provide up-to-the-moment connection with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Built into these applications are ways that employees can record key metrics of their health and wellness, such as temperature. These, along with a checklist of symptoms of the Coronavirus, can aid decision-making. Tracking such data can also be incredibly helpful if the employee falls ill while at work.

GPS Tracking Devices and Inventory

The first three devices that we’ve discussed build to the most financially important one: inventory. For businesses that make their money through delivery systems, keeping an accurate accounting is essential to remaining solvent.  Keeping a firm grasp on this process will be complicated, even with advanced GPS tracking systems in place. Partnering with Tracking the World can make this process more efficient and easier to manage.

When you use a GPS tracking system, you can manage the inventory process from product creation clear through delivery. Devices can track access to doors, monitor movement of equipment, orders, tools, and batching of inventory. Management can use tracking reports to get a better understanding of productivity, to provide accountability documents, and to make changes.

Tracking the World

When it comes to adding greater safety and security to business assets, GPS tracking devices make the process easier. It adds another layer that can assist management in keeping things moving as needed. When you partner with Tracking the World, our experts will work on a plan to safeguard your business assets. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” situation. We will cater our GPS tracking device strategy to what your team needs to be safe, secure, and efficient. When you’re ready to learn more about the devices we offer and how we can assist you, contact us right away!

gps batteries

Purchasing a GPS device is an important step that adds safety, security, and peace of mind to users. Many users take the opportunity to explore new parts of their communities. What happens if you are traveling in an unfamiliar location and your GPS batteries die? How would you manage getting home safely? Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep your GPS battery in top condition for longer.

Understanding Your Batteries

Before looking at how to conserve battery life, it’s important to understand the type of battery that your GPS device utilizes. While most GPS devices are rechargeable, some are powered exclusively by batteries. Take a closer look at your user manual to determine what kind of battery you will use. The majority of GPS devices use lithium ion batteries. These batteries have been formulated to hold power for the longest periods of time–even in extremely cold weather. Once you understand the battery being used in your device, consider conducting a battery range test.

Battery Range Testing

Conducting a battery range test on your device is a simple concept. It is designed to determine how you can best use your GPS unit. Much like your smartphone, some activities and settings are powerful but can quickly drain your battery power. When it’s time to optimize your GPS battery, it’s a great time to start the range testing. The process itself is easy: turn on every setting in your device and use it. Keep your GPS tracker on until it dies. 

At the beginning of the test, record the time that you started using the device. When the battery dies, make note of the time before you begin to charge the battery again. While this test may not provide the most accurate results, it can help to guide you to more conservative usage. To achieve better battery life, do the opposite once the battery has recharged. Disable all settings in the device and only active the items that are actively needed. You will want to allow the battery to die again. This will allow you to see how long your battery will last in a best-case scenario.

Stay Off the Map As Much As Possible

While mapping your location is a key aspect of your GPS device, it takes a lot of battery power for it to constantly update. A simple way to improve your overall battery life is to keep your device off the map screen. Allow other settings like the compass to guide your journey. Once you know that you’re on the right pathway, take the adventurous pathway. One aspect of having a GPS device involves having a safety net. If you want to explore a new area, consider turning your GPS device off or limiting usage of it. You might be surprised at what you find in your travels. As always, be sure to do it safely. Trust your instincts and be careful.

Check Your Backlight and Your Screen Time

As we’ve already mentioned above, the amount of active screen time will reduce the overall power of your GPS unit. When using your GPS during the day, turn off the backlight feature. If you can see the screen without added power, don’t waste the battery life. Similarly, the timeout time is a setting that can help to maintain stronger batteries in your GPS unit. Much like a smartphone, the amount of time that it takes for your GPS to be idle before the screen turns off is a huge factor in how long the battery will last. Consider lowering this setting to the lowest allowable level for you–no more than five minutes is best, but the lower the better.

Enabling Battery Saving Modes and WAAS

Similarly, finding reasons to limit heavy battery-using activities can help to maintain battery life on your GPS device. Battery save mode is designed to turn the display off completely. Be mindful that you might also lose access to the WAAS system when going into battery save mode. If you want to use this feature, be sure that you can do it with a low battery usage mode. WAAS (otherwise known as Wide Area Augmentation System) is a mode that uses satellites and other stations to provide greater accuracy in location, but it does require more battery usage.

Limiting Camera App and Touchscreen Use

Depending on the model of GPS tracker you have, a camera can be a fun feature added to document and geocache your journey. As with WAAS and other modes, the camera will drain your battery. Closing out the camera app completely will help to maintain power for other parts of your trip. Similarly, turning down touch sensitivity will allow ease of use with heavier gloves, but it can be a drain to activate your battery at a feather’s touch. Turning up the touch sensitivity will make the GPS screen activate only on intentional touches–which saves battery life.

Tracking the World: Making Maintaining GPS Batteries Easy

With the tips discussed in today’s post, you can maintain your GPS batteries for even longer. If you are in need of an upgraded GPS device or are looking to purchase your first device, contact Tracking the World. Our team of skilled professionals understands the importance of keeping you and your family safe. When you put your trust in us, we can work together to design a custom solution to meet your needs. Safety, security, and peace of mind are essential to satisfaction. When you’re ready to move forward, contact us right away!

A personal GPS tracking device is a great piece of technology for many different types of people. From the lone security worker to the hiker, a personal GPS tracker provides a sense of security and safety to people in situations where they are alone. A good GPS tracker should have a variety of different features to keep people safe. These features include scheduled GPS positioning, geofencing capabilities, person-down alert, an emergency call button, and a long battery life. At Tracking the World, our personal PT-301 GPS tracker has all of these features and more! Check out more information about these features and how a tracker can be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Scheduled GPS Position (with cell ID reporting)

A feature that every good personal GPS tracking device should have is scheduled GPS positions. This allows loved ones to track your location any time they need to by viewing the scheduled reports. The timing of the position reports is preset by the user. Also, the device has scheduled GPS position updates as well as cell ID reporting. The cell ID reporting makes the position even more accurate. In addition, the PT-301 personal GPS tracker has a position accuracy (CEP) of <2.5m autonomous and <2.0m SBAS. The device works on GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It also has the ability to do a real-time location query.

Geofencing Capabilities

You can think of a geofence as an invisible digital fence. GPS users can set a geofence boundary around the area they are supposed to be in. For example, a geofence could be a boundary around a neighborhood, a hiking area, a warehouse, etc. The idea is that if the person crosses over the boundary, there is an alert. This allows loved ones to make sure the person they are tracking is safe and has not wandered off somewhere that might put them in danger.

This is a very helpful feature for elderly family members. The device gives them freedom to do things like go on walks or visit a neighborhood friend, but if they go further than they should, family will be alerted. It is also helpful for those going on hiking or camping adventures. Loved ones can make sure their hiker doesn’t wander away from the trail/route they are supposed to be on. In addition, the PT-301 has the capability to support up to five internal geo-fence regions.

Person-Down Alert

The person-down alert is an extremely important feature for a personal GPS device to have. Using an internal 3-axis accelerometer and a motion detection feature, the PT-301 can determine if a person has fallen. In other words, this is another great feature for elderly people. Loved ones often worry about whether their family member has fallen within their home and is unable to get up and call for help. With this feature, you will be alerted as soon as the device detects a fall. In addition, the person-down alert is a good feature for those adventurous family members who enjoy hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. These activities are fun – but don’t come without risks. The person-down alert will let you know if your loved one has fallen, meaning they could potentially be injured and need help.

Emergency Call Button

All personal GPS trackers should have an emergency call button. The purpose of this button is that a person can easily press it in case of an emergency to get help ASAP. The PT-301 device has one configurable emergency call button. In addition, it has 4 configurable speed dial buttons so that the user can call other preset numbers as well. The device also has an SOS button, which will sound an emergency alarm.

Long Battery Life

Another important GPS feature is battery life. It is crucial that a personal GPS tracker has a long battery life. What is the point of having a tracker that is always dying? The PT-301 uses an Li-ion 1000 mAh internal battery. Without reporting, the device has a standby time of 480 hours (that’s 20 days!) As a result, users won’t have to worry about having to charge it every day.

Who Can Benefit from a Personal GPS Tracking Device?

A good GPS tracking device should have many different features to keep your loved on safe. Check out our PT-301 personal GPS tracker.

There are many situations where a personal GPS tracker is a great idea to keep a loved one safe. Here are some people/situations where a personal GPS tracking device is helpful:

  • Elderly people living alone
  • Night shift security guards
  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Rock climbers
  • Mountain bikers
  • Runners
  • Teenagers venturing off by themselves for the first time
  • Family members on vacation to prevent getting separated
  • Family member at a nursing home
  • Lone workers

As you can see, the list is full of people who would benefit from these trackers. Therefore, consider purchasing a few for your family; that way, you can use them whenever a situation arises where a tracker would be helpful.

A personal GPS tracking device is more than just a helpful piece of technology. It can be a lifesaving tool. Imagine your elderly mother falling alone in her home, only to be found thanks to the person-down alert and the emergency call button on her personal tracking device. Consider your spouse, hiking remote trails on the weekend and getting lost, only to be found by scheduled GPS reporting from his personal device. A personal tracker gives loved ones a moment to breathe and rest easy, knowing that this piece of technology provides endless safety features. From a long battery life to geofencing capabilities, it is important that the GPS tracking device you choose is full of important safety features.

At Tracking the World, we have created the PT-301 personal GPS tracker to keep your loved ones safe even in their most vulnerable moments. For more information about this tracker and how it can help you and your family, contact us today.