Protect your family with GPS tracking

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Safety is the number one concern of most families. Between school, sleepovers, travel, and after-school activities, life is too hectic for you to physically protect your family during every moment. Our lives take us in different directions. Thankfully, GPS tracking can help you keep your family safe no matter your schedule and circumstances.

Keep Little Ones from Getting Lost

Have you ever had the gut-wrenching experience of losing your child in the grocery store? Or worse, have you ever lost your child in an amusement park or some other crowded place? GPS tracking can help you find your little one right away. You’ll minimize both danger and distress as your GPS tracking device leads you right back to your child.

Set Limits for Your Drivers

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than handing a set of car keys to your teenager. You can give yourself some peace of mind by setting limits with your new driver. Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual fence. You can communicate with your teen, letting him know about his driving boundaries. If your teen should drive past that virtual fence for any reason, you’ll know about it quickly. Furthermore, if your child’s car were to break down, GPS tracking can provide you with the information that you need to find him. You’d know exactly how to get to your teen and where to send help, getting your child out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

Make Sure They Got There

“Text me when you get there.”

“I will!”

And then you wait. How often does your child forget to text you once she’s reached her destination? Of course, kids aren’t the only culprit here. Adults forget to text, too. When we go from one location to another, the change of scenery can distract us from our promises to check in with family. Usually, when a family member doesn’t check in, it’s simply because he or she forgot. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to worry any less, though. GPS tracking will let you know that your loved one arrived safely, even if he or she forgets to tell you.

GPS Tracking

Tracking the World is here to help you keep your family safe. With more than a decade of experience with GPS tracking, we’re ready to provide you with the best. We carry all sorts of devices from personal trackers to vehicle trackers. If you’re ready to rest assured of your family’s safety, check out some of your options today.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates the electronic logging device (ELD) rule. This rule was created to improve working conditions for drivers and for easier sharing of records of duty status information. Electronic logging devices work with a vehicle’s engine to accurately record hours of service.

Understanding the Electronic Logging Device Requirement

The electronic logging device rule requires that all devices are certified and registered with the FMCSA. Additionally, the device must meet FMCSA specifications and have a scheduled timeline for implementation. The device must also be tamper proof to prevent data from being falsified. All electronic logging devices must create data displays and have a transfer process. This makes it easier to determine if drivers are compliant and share their records with authorities.

Impact of the ELD Rule on Carriers

Carriers must select electronic logging devices that are compliant with FMCSA regulations. The carriers must have the devices properly installed before deadlines. Employers must train drivers and other staff on how to properly use the selected electronic logging devices. Additionally, they must educate drivers on how to display and share data collected by the devices with officials when required. Driver compliance is crucial because the implementation of electronic logging devices and other regulations helps protect driver safety.

Benefits of Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices keep drivers safe by ensuring they do not spend too much time on the road at once. However, there are other benefits to electronic logging devices other than safety. ELDs make it easier and more efficient to transfer driver logs and other data. They also limit the mistakes created by the use of paper logs. Electronic logging devices record locations accurately, making it easier to analyze route efficiency. Finally, ELDs are a great asset to improve driver productivity and compliance. These devices are beneficial tools for carrying companies because they improve efficiency and create a checks and balances system.

The electronic logging device rule improves efficiency and increases driver safety. The use of ELDs eliminates the need for paperwork. They also create more accurate, easy to transfer digital records which are easier to organize. Electronic logging devices make drivers safer by preventing them from staying on the road to long. This prevents them from falling asleep at the wheel or being dependent on stimulants in order to meet deadlines. A better, safer working environment improves the quality of life for drivers. Visit Tracking the World for all your electronic logging device needs.

Pets are valued members of our families. When a pet is lost, it can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. This is why GPS tracking for pets has so many advantages. The traditional ways of looking for lost pets are not always successful. When pets are missing, most owners search for them through word of mouth, social media, or walking around looking. This can be time-consuming and does not always lead to the pet being found. GPS tracking for pets is affordable, time-saving, and easy.

Affordable and Convenient GPS Tracking

Pet owners may be hesitant to purchase GPS tracking technology. GPS tracking for pets was once very expensive and invasive. It involved expensive surgery that put a microchip under your pet’s skin. GPS tracking for pets is now affordable and easy. A GPS tracking device can be placed on a pet’s collar without causing your pet any pain.

Additionally, although many pets are adopted, pets that are purchased are expensive investments. Placing a GPS tracker on your pet’s collar is a smart way to protect your pet and the money you’ve invested in them. Even if a pet was adopted, the sentimental value and attachment you have to them are priceless. Pet owners are better off investing in GPS tracking than facing losing their pet and being unable to locate them.

GPS Tracking for Pets Saves Time

Lost pets or runaways could take any amount of time to find. You might spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to find your pet. Going door to door asking neighbors if they’ve seen your pet can quickly turn into an all-day affair. Time spent posting about your pet daily on social media can add up. Not to mention, during this wasted time, your pet may be wandering around outside with little food and at risk of being hit by a vehicle.

All of this time can be saved by GPS tracking for pets. Simply locate your pet on a map on your computer, cell phone, or other device. Doing this saves you time and ensures your pet is safe sooner. You never know where your pet could end up. They could be in a neighbor’s yard, their favorite park, or even miles away. Don’t waste any time looking for your pet when you can find out where they are right away.

Get Your GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking for pets should be considered by every pet owner. Every day, pets go missing, and they aren’t always found. Don’t let your pet struggle without you; they need you to survive. GPS tracking helps them return home safe and quickly before any harm can be done. Visit Tracking the World to explore our options for GPS tracking for pets.

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The world has so many hidden corners to explore. Whether your adventure starts with an airplane ticket or a pair of hiking boots, you’re collecting experiences that you can hold in your heart for a lifetime. You want to see the world. GPS tracking can help you do just that. GPS isn’t limited to driving directions. In fact, it can help you in all sorts of adventurous explorations.

Use GPS Tracking for Geocaching

Remember how much fun you had playing hide-and-seek as a kid? While you’re thinking about that, imagine adding a treasure hunt into the mix, and you’ll have a good idea of what geocaching entails. Geocaching is an activity in which people use GPS tracking to find caches, or small boxes with trinkets inside. The most important part of geocaching is, of course, the adventure itself. Geocachers explore new places, see their own hometowns with new eyes, and find ways to get away from their computers and into the fresh air.

Have More Travel Confidence

Don’t let your kids miss out on the fun. Your little ones can be adventurers too, and you can breathe easy knowing that GPS tracking can help you keep them safe. When you and your family explore new trails and even new continents, you want to make sure you can all find each other if someone loses their way. GPS tracking bracelets can help the whole family travel safely. You can also track your luggage with a GPS system and make sure that you and your stuff will all arrive at the same place.

Stray off the Beaten Path

You’re an explorer. You don’t want to restrict your adventures to places where you get cell service and can easily contact the outside world. On the other hand, it’s very dangerous to enter the wilderness without any way to be found if something goes wrong. This is where GPS tracking comes in. By carrying a personal GPS tracker, you can be located in the event of an emergency. With some trackers, you can even send and receive messages, receive emergency alerts, and automatically send person down alerts. GPS tracking allows you to stray off the beaten path without sacrificing your safety.

Finding the Best in GPS Tracking

If you’re looking for GPS options so that you can get the most out of your adventures, Tracking the World has exactly what you need. From motorcycle GPS systems to wearable trackers, we have what you need to travel with confidence. If you’re about to go on an adventure, take a look at our products page and see how we can help.

GPS tracking means so much more than getting from point A to point B. Thanks to innovation and evolving technology, GPS tracking can help you with nearly all of your travel needs. Find out how GPS tracking can give you a more peaceful, fun, and stress-free traveling experience.

Reach Your Destination

Turn-by-turn navigation is what most people bring to mind when they think “GPS.” They have good reason, of course. These days, virtually everybody travels with some form of GPS system. And why not? GPS navigation saves you from fear of getting lost, and it can even save you money on the fuel you would have otherwise wasted by making wrong turns. Remember though, that not all GPS systems are created equal. Some map systems are more reliable than others. The GPS in your phone, for instance, might get you where you need to go, but if you really want to save time and stress, you do have better options in the GPS tracking market.

Keep Track of Your Luggage

Did you know that you can use GPS trackers to find your luggage? After a long plane trip, you’re either so excited that you want to start exploring right away or so exhausted that you just want to check into your hotel and sleep. Either way, the last thing you want to do is sit in the airport while the staff tries to track down your missing luggage. A personal tracking device in your luggage can eliminate that problem. You can track your luggage during car rides and train rides, too. When you track your luggage, you help protect it from theft and damage, no matter what method you use to travel.

Keep Your Kids Safe

When you travel with your family, especially if your family includes little ones, your traveling comes with a side of worry. A lot of that worry can go away with GPS tracking. With young children, a personal tracker in a backpack or on a bracelet can give parents peace of mind. If you and your child ever get separated, you’ll know exactly how to find them.

The Best in GPS Tracking

Your GPS system can help you make the most of your travels, but only if you have a good system. If you want the best in reliability, check out our products at Tracking the World. With years of experience behind our products, we sell only the best quality GPS systems. With everything from personal trackers to vehicle systems, we have your needs covered.

We use fences for protection virtually every day. They deter criminals from entering homes and businesses. They also keep children and pets from wandering away from the backyard and into the street. Fences provide a measure of safety. Not all fences are physical, though. Virtual fences can provide protection, too. Geofencing is one method of virtual fencing that provides safety in the real world.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is the act of creating a virtual boundary, or “fence,” around a certain area. You can maintain your geofencing boundaries with GPS tracking. One might set up a geofence around a school zone, a neighborhood, or several other types of areas.

How Does It Work?

Geofencing starts with determining your boundaries. You use your GPS tracking system to set up your fence around your pre-determined area. The next step comes from software. Geofencers use software to receive alerts when a GPS tracker enters or exits the fenced-in area. This tracker could be carried by a person, or attached to a vehicle or other asset.

Who Can Use Geofencing?

The short answer is: anybody. GPS tracking used to be expensive and complicated. Only the most tech-savvy people could set up geofences. Tech-heavy businesses would use geofencing for different reasons, but the average person wouldn’t have had access to the software. Today, though, anybody who wants to use GPS tracking can set up virtual fences of their own. The software has become much more intuitive and user-friendly, and people have come up with several uses and benefits for the technology.

Why Use Geofencing?

Anybody can use this type of GPS tracking, and there are many different uses for it. A farmer might put GPS trackers on cows, for example, and receive an alert when a cow wanders too far. Police departments can place geofences around the homes of somebody on house arrest to make sure the convicted person doesn’t leave the designated parameters. Geofencing can also keep registered sex offenders away from school zones. Parents can establish geofences, too. If you want to give your kids more independence and safe parameters at the same time, you can set up a geofence with your children. Geofencing has a multitude of potential uses. Essentially, it’s only limitation is the boundary that you choose.

Tracking the World

Do you want to try geofencing for yourself? Tracking the World can help get you started. Tracking the World has over a decade of experience in GPS tracking solutions. We help with law enforcement, government, and private citizen GPS tracking needs. Contact us today if you’re interested in GPS tracking and geofencing.

When you think about using GPS, you likely think about it helping you get from one place to the next, tracking fleets, or tracking packages. However, have you thought about using GPS to help you keep track of your personal items? There are GPS tracking devices out there that can help you keep track of things like your keys, pets, and luggage. A GPS tracking device can help you protect your important belongings.


Many times, pets will get out of the backyard. This leads to the scary situation of having no idea where your pet could have run off to. Many pets have microchips, which generally means they will get back to you once someone finds them. However,  your pet having a microchip does not allow you know their exact location. But if your pet has a GPS tracker on their collar, then you are able to know their exact location. Having their exact location at all times allows you to find them quickly when they get out and gives you peace of mind.


Losing your luggage is one of the worst things that can happen while traveling. If you have ever had your luggage end up on the wrong flight or go missing for weeks, then you know how frustrating and stressful it can be.  Whether you lose your luggage at the beginning or end of your vacation, it is a headache that is not necessary.  A solution to losing your luggage is to have a GPS tracker on it. A luggage GPS tracker allows you to know where your luggage is at all times.  You will know before landing at the airport if your luggage made it or not. A luggage GPS tracker takes the stress out of flying with a checked bag because you always know where it is.


Almost everyone knows the frustration of losing your keys. You have everyone ready to go only to get to the door and realize you don’t know where your keys are. Or you arrive home late at night and discover your keys are no longer in your bag. Losing your keys can be stressful, especially if you’re late to an important appointment.  You may spend hours trying to find your keys, only to come up empty-handed. A key tracking device can save you time and headache. If you have a GPS tracking device on your keys, you are able to locate them as soon as you realize they are missing. This allows you to get to where you are going on time.

Buy a Personal GPS Tracking Device

If you want to get rid of the stress of losing your personal items, then a personal GPS tracking device is the answer. When your personal items have a GPS tracking device, you are able to know exactly where they are at all times.  You never have to worry about losing anything again. If you are ready to save time and stress, visit Tracking the World to get your personal tracking device.

Many companies whose employees travel locally throughout the day are adopting GPS tracking. There are many different markets for GPS based technology. You may use your GPS tracking to make sure your salespeople are where they are supposed to be. Or maybe you use GPS tracking for keeping in contact with your vehicle fleet. No matter what you use your GPS tracking system for, you should know that there are GPS tracking regulations that will affect exactly how you use your GPS system. Here are just a few legal issues that come into play when using GPS tracking.


Privacy Issues

Your commercial company may use GPS systems to track and coordinate vehicles, untethered trailers, and other assets. When using GPS tracking in this way, it reduces operating costs and protects large inventories. However, privacy issues can arise whenever the company has the ability to know the precise location of a vehicle. While you are legally allowed to track vehicles that you own, there have been instances of tracking disputes taken to court as a violation of privacy. You should avoid such disputes by letting your employees know why you are tracking them. You should also make sure your employees are aware that you are tracking them.


Tracking Employees Outside Work Hours

Many courts of law would agree that tracking employees outside of work hours is inappropriate, unnecessary, and a breach of the employees’ privacy. Tracking an employee outside of business hours can lead to not only a breakdown in worker-company relations, but it could also result in legal action against you. You should be clear about when you are tracking your employees and keep records of your monitoring. This way, there will never be any question about tracking employees outside of work hours.


Clear Company Policy

When it comes to tracking either your employees or their vehicles, make sure to lay out clear terms. Most of the time, companies will lay out these terms in their company policy. If these terms are not laid out in your company policies, then you would have no hard proof if a case was brought against you. When it comes to laying out the terms of GPS tracking regulations, you should consult with a legal professional to ensure the terms are written correctly.


Reasons For Using GPS Tracking

You should never have a GPS tracking system for your company without a legitimate reason. Possible reasons can include monitoring and improving fleet efficiency, improving customer service, boosting worker productivity, and reducing fuel costs. If you are tracking an employee for other reasons, there may be some issues between you and your employee and you and the law. You should make sure that your reasoning for GPS tracking is legitimate.


Get Your GPS Tracker

Now that you are aware of the different issues and laws that affect GPS tracking regulations, it is time to find the right GPS tracker for your company. Tracking the World offers an assortment of personal, vehicle, and asset tracking devices. Check out all of our GPS tracking devices here.

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Owning and managing a medical service fleet is an important job. You have a big responsibility every time you send your fleet out. Since your fleet is transporting materials such as plasma, organs, medical supplies, X-rays, MRI scans, and more, you must ensure your drivers get to the right destination promptly. Having GPS trackers for your fleet helps ensure timely, correct deliveries and more.

Increases Organization

Managing medical deliveries requires a high degree of organization. When it comes to medical materials, it is imperative to complete deliveries in a timely manner. GPS tracking devices can help guarantee the delivery of these sensitive materials to the patients who need them. A GPS tracking system allows dispatchers to easily see where each part of their fleet is. Knowing the fleet’s location allows you to make quick and accurate decisions on who to send where next. With GPS tracking, you can manage your fleet from a distance and know the current locations of all parts of your fleet instantly. The seconds and minutes this increased level of organization saves you could mean the difference between the life and death of a patient.

Allows Receiving Locations to Track Materials

Knowing the location of your medical delivery vehicles isn’t only important for the dispatcher. The receiving location must also know when the package will arrive so they can have people ready to receive it. If the receiving location does not know where the package is and when it is going to arrive, then there could be negative outcomes. A GPS tracking system allows the receiving location to see where the material is and when it will arrive. This crucial information allows people to have the necessary measures in place to properly receive the material and quickly get it to where it needs to go.

Improves Safety

Another advantage to using a GPS tracking system is increased safety. Medical fleet services carry precious cargo that has been paid for at a high price. Ensuring the safety of this cargo is a high priority. To ensure the safety of this precious cargo, you need to know how your drivers are driving. A GPS tracking system can monitor driver behavior and send alerts about emergencies or drivers going off route. This information ensures that all medical materials are safely delivered.

Order Your GPS Tracking System

You deal with precious and time-sensitive packages in the medical service industry. One little mistake could mean the difference between saving a life or not. When delivering medical products and information, you want to ensure safe, quick, and correct deliveries. Having a GPS tracking system can ensure all of these things. If you are ready to improve your medical service through GPS tracking, contact Tracking the World today at or 650-692-8100.

GPS tracking devices have come a long way. They can be mounted to company vehicles to track employee movements or carried while hiking to ensure safety. Other people use them to monitor the movements of their children or pets. Whatever your purpose, the market for tracking devices is growing rapidly. Here are five of the top selling GPS tracking devices on the market today.

Enduro Plus 3G

The Enduro Plus 3G is lightweight enough to be carried on a keychain but powerful enough for multiple tracking needs. It features easy to access buttons for emergency alerts and motion sensing technology. It includes power saving technology and runs on DC power or battery. The Enduro Plus 3G can create a geofence around a particular area and alert you when the subject leaves that area. In addition, it is equipped with 3G technology, making the signal more powerful and reliable.


Tracking assets like your vehicle fleet is easy with this new technology. The device itself is small in size and easy to install. It uses multiple interfaces to monitor and track. The AVL-55 offers the option of real-time tracking or periodic tracking depending on the type of information you intend to gain. It can send emergency reports and alert you of geofence boundary crossings. It’s also equipped with driver behavior monitoring technology.  The AVL-55 is an excellent option for businesses that need to track multiple vehicles.

AVL-75 3G

This device is great for tracking smaller vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, or golf carts. It uses 3G technology to send tracking information back to the user. The AVL-75 is small, compact, and easy to install. The device is also waterproof to keep it safe from the elements. This device has low power consumption as well as a long-lasting internal battery. If you manage a fleet of smaller vehicles, this is the way to track their movements.


This powerful GPS tracker is designed for tracking assets such as machinery, inventory, or crates.  It is easy and covert to install. Once installed, you can set the GAT Pro to a schedule to wake up at predetermined times for tracking. Scheduling allows the battery life to last longer, as the device is not constantly sending back information. The GAT Pro can run autonomously for up to 1800 days.  It also features motion sensing technology and can warn you if your assets are being moved.


This personal tracking device is the perfect option for protecting the people you care about. Essentially an emergency phone, it is a great device for seniors or youngsters, traveling family, or people working in remote areas. There is a general alert button in the event of an emergency. It also has four preset speed dial buttons and the ability to store up to twenty phone numbers. The screen displays inbound messages via SMS, great for weather alerts or other emergency updates. 


There are many factors to consider when looking into GPS tracking devices. Depending on who or what you are trying to protect, the type of device you need will vary. TrackingTheWorld can set you up with the tracking technology that best fits your personal needs. Contact us at 650-692-8100 or